We Are

Founded in 2010, Lift Collective is a dynamic team of researchers, strategists, creatives, writers and designers, led by Research Partner Mark King and Design Partner Conor McFerran.

We’re based in downtown Chicago, but we’re usually out collaborating with somebody somewhere. Please have all flowers, tacos, singing telegrams, bourbon and winning lottery tickets delivered to:

1 N. State Street
15th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602





our Tenets

For a little more color, here are the foundational ideas that guide us in everything we do:



We’re all people.

Only by truly understanding what drives people and makes them tick can we develop solutions and ways of interacting that resonate and deliver value. Whether it’s bonding over a beer or through deep immersive research, we seek to really get to know who we’re engaging with regardless of their role, be it “client,” “user,” “audience,” “management,” or “partner.” At the end of the day, we’re all just people who want to be heard and understood.

We create simplicity out of complexity.

It can sometimes take a ton of effort to get to simple, but it’s always worth it: simple is sticky, simple is scalable, simple is sustainable, simple has everyone nodding in agreement. Simple gets it done.

We make it real, now.

Research and synthesized directives point to what we “could do” and “should do,” but leave things a little fuzzy (and necessarily so). To actually get to that glorious future you gotta get real. We translate abstract research and possibilities into concrete actions and outputs that work for people today and build value into the future. 

Your success is our success.

We could certainly do the project for you—and we’d crush it, of course—but then when we leave, the inertia and drive would go with us. Instead, our goal is to truly partner and figure out ways make our capabilities your capabilities—so you can continue to crush it long after we’re gone. You might still need us for the big reframes and external perspective, but ideally, we want to equip you to put us out of a job (almost…).


Let’s learn what inspires you.

Here’s what we’re sharing at the moment: