what we do


(that immerse and engage)


Creating thriving brand relationships requires more than a flashy logo, killer app or shiny new product. To truly connect with people, you need to engage them beyond their immediate interaction with your product or service and take them on a journey they need and that only you can offer them—and get them to want to come back.


How We Develop Engaging Experiences

When developing solutions, we consider the full spectrum of engagement, looking at what happens before, during and after the primary activity to create holistic experiences that engage, delight, deliver and bring people back again and again.


User Journeys


Considering the full user experience, from initial enticement through exit (and back again).

Experience Wireframes


Drafting out the steps of an engagement, whether physical or digital, to understand the explicit steps and sub-activities and how people might go through them.

Right-Fi Prototypes


Developing prototypes at the right fidelity throughout the process in order to get feedback and refine. These could be static digital screens that are linked according to specific user path, cardboard mockups to illustrate spatial relationships or high fidelity elements to guide future production.