how we work




Have a team ready and a project defined but need some help with the step-by-step? Gone through a couple innovation projects and not getting the results you’d hoped for? Been exposed to the design thinking approach (through our Mindsetting exercise, perhaps), and ready to take it to the next level?

We’ll work with your team through the full design process on a specific project, adding our external perspective and problem solving approach to your in-house knowledge and skills. As we work together, we’ll guide and push the team to think more broadly, get more comfortable with the approach, take ownership of the results and feel empowered to do it again after we’re gone.


How the Mentoring Approach Works

Phase 1


What could we do?

We work with your team to go through the project framing, research, and analysis & synthesis processes, ending with a storytelling exercise to share what we’ve learned and indicate possible opportunities.

Phase 2


What should we do?

With guidance from the Discover phase in the form of design directives, we help you refine your ideas, test them with users, and plan your future to create a strategic roadmap.

Phase 3


What are we going to do?

Based on the strategic roadmap, we’ll work with you to make your ideas real and ready for development and roll-out.

Phase 4


How do we keep doing it?

We work with you to determine what’s needed to bring the design to life at scale. This could be a combination of expertise from your team and ours, occasional insight from our side or a partnership with a third party to get it done right.