how we work




Got a challenge to solve, but don’t have the headcount to do it? Need a more specific skill set than you’ve currently got on hand? Are you thinking, “we’d love to learn the process ourselves, but right now, we just need this project done”?

If our Mindsetting and Mentoring experiences are focused on us working with you through the design thinking process, in the Making engagement, we do it for you in a more traditional consulting engagement. We’ll meet to align, go do our thing, check in periodically, then deliver high quality results that you can use right now and that tee you up for what’s next. (Because we think it’s important for you to own the outcomes, we’ll still invite you to participate along the way).


How the Making Approach Works

Phase 1


What could we do?

We frame your project, conduct research, go through the analysis & synthesis processes and end with a storytelling exercise to share back what we’ve learned and what we might do about it.

Phase 2


What should we do?

With your feedback and by balancing what people want, what’s technically feasible, financially viable and sustainable long-term, we refine the ideas, test them with users, and create a strategic roadmap and clear action steps.

Phase 3


What are we going to do?

Based on the strategic roadmap, we’ll work with you to leverage your expertise to make the ideas real. This may involve members of your team and others in your organization or it could be something we run internally or hand off to a third party expert. However it makes the most sense, we’ll end up with the final design and plans to take it to the next step, if needed.

Phase 4


How do we keep doing it?

Depending on project type, scope and scale, we’ll work with your teams and any necessary third-party experts to scale up the design or progress it according to the roadmap.